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Here at BuyZimbabweDollars.com, we believe--as the Founding Fathers of the USA once penned--that everyone has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of at least a billion dollars. Now if you're talking about one billion American dollars, that's going to be kinda tough to achieve for most people, but we can offer you the next best thing by way of these Zimbabwe one billion dollar notes! We have meandered through the massive virtual hallways of eBay's collectible currency listings, and have extracted their current selection of one billion dollar Zimbabwe banknotes for your convenience. So what are you waiting for? Make the Founding Fathers proud by becoming a billionaire yourself!

History & Description of the Zimbabwe One Billion Dollar Banknote

In December of 2008, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe first issued these one billion dollar notes into circulation in a mostly vain attempt to ease rampant cash shortages due to out-of-control hyperinflation. Not only were prices doubling every day by this time, but food and fuel were in extreme states of shortage. These 1 billion dollar notes were just one of an ever-expanding cavalcade of new banknotes that were issued by the central bank, all of which practically became worthless as soon as they were issued.

On the obverse of the note, you will see the famous Chiremba Balancing Rocks, a popular example of the many curious rock formations that can be found all over the landscape of this gorgeous country. The rocks initially were chosen to be a symbol of economic stability, but ironically, the precarious positioning of these rocks is an apt metaphor for the insanely delicate, nigh-unto-destruction economic climate in Zimbabwe at the time. As history shows, Zimbabwe's economy eventually did collapse, and all of these banknotes became worthless.

Zimbabwe money is wallpaper now.
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The blame for the colossal destruction of Zimbabwe's economy can be laid squarely upon the shoulders of its Dictator-in-Chief, Robert Mugabe, whose myopic and insane mismanagement of the country's natural and monetary resources essentially crippled the country's productivity. Oddly enough, Mugabe has routinely blamed Western economic sanctions for the fallout, a move which Michael Jackson no doubt would have immediately labeled as a failure to look at the "Man in the Mirror".

The reverse of the note depicts wonderful palm trees that can be found in the National Herbarium Botanic Garden in Avondale (in Harare), as well as a stately elephant lifting his trunk in trumpeting triumph.

As we have mentioned several times before, these banknotes should not be considered an "investment" by any means; they are, however, highly sought-after as collectors items. It is in that spirit of collectiblaciousness that we present these Zimbabwe one billion dollar banknotes to you. So you see, it's quite easy to pursue your own version of happiness when you purchase these one billion dollar banknotes from BuyZimbabweDollars.com. From our hearts to yours, thanks a billion...specifically, one billion Zimbabwe dollars.