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How Did Zimbabwe's Money Become Worthless?

The truth of the matter is that there were a multitude of factors that contributed to Zimbabwe's ultimate economic downfall, and hardly anything that played a part in this economic destruction happened overnight. One of the biggest catalysts for the precipitous downfall of Zimbabwe's economy was Robert Mugabe's ill-advised and highly controversial land reform program, which was initiated in 1980 via the Lancaster House Agreement. Through this largely counter-productive program, land that once belonged to multi-generational skilled farmers was expropriated and redistributed to subsistence farmers and other residents who comparatively possessed much less farming skill, resulting in a dramatic decrease in productivity, as well as a collapse in the credit markets due to banks not being willing to lend capital to unskilled farmers for development. Now throw in a gaggle of government spending on the Second Congo War, and you have a recipe for complete financial disaster.

Zimbabwe Hyperinflation Chart
A chart of Zimbabwe's astronomical hyperinflation rate. Click image to enlarge.
Image credit: The Cato Institute

Eventually, the Zimbabwean government began monetizing its mounting debt through money printing. While practically every other country on the planet has done this in one way or another, the trick to pulling it off is to have enough economic productivity to continue keeping things afloat. Unfortunately, economic productivity in Zimbabwe had come to a grinding halt, which put more pressure on the government to continue printing money to grease the wheels. After a while, Zimbabwe entered into a period of hyperinflation, which accelerated to the astronomical figure of 89 sextillion percent, according to the Cato Institute.

The Zimbabwe hyperinflation episode was a tragic and devastating turn of events, but if any good can be mined out of this situation, it would be that there are now several highly collectible monetary relics available to people who have an interest in owning an intriguing piece of financial history. Why not own a bundle of these pieces by purchasing Zimbabwe currency bundles today?