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Zimbabwe 500 Million Dollar Note (Front)
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There are dozens of reasons why having 500 million dollars would be absolutely awesome. If you have 500 million Zimababwe dollars, however, it might not go quite as far. It doesn't matter, though--having 500 million of anything sounds important, regardless of how much it really counts! Here at BuyZimbabweDollars.com, we are offering these Zimbabwe 500 million dollar notes straight from the seemingly infinite cyber-catacombs of eBay's currency listings. We have filtered them out from the other currency listings that you might not want, as dross is filtered from silver unto purification. These remarkable collector's items are highly popular due to their outlandish denominations, which many people find to be mathematically absurd. But, whether absurd or not, they're definitely fun to add to any paper currency collection!

History & Description of the Zimbabwe 500 Million Dollar Note

The Zimbabwe 500 Million Dollar banknote was first introduced in December of 2008 as part of an ongoing attempt to stave off the runaway hyperinflation that the country was experiencing at the time. Zimbabwe's then-Finance Minister, Samuel Mumbengegwi, announced the release of this new banknote denomination in hopes of stemming the tide of bank runs in the country, but unfortunately the issuance of this new note did virtually nothing to clear the long queues for cash. At the time the note was first issued, it could buy approximately 8 loaves of bread, but within weeks, a Zimbabwean would have been lucky to purchase eight minuscule crumbs with a handful of these notes.

50 Cent is 4 billion in Zimbabwe
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The obverse of the note depicts the amazing Chiremba balancing rocks found in the Matopo National Park in the town of Epworth, which is just outside of Harare. The reverse of the note features dairy cows being mechanically milked, much like how Robert Mugabe and his team of corrupt cronies have systematically milked the Zimbabwean economy for decades now at the expense of the welfare of the Zimbabwean people. The other detail on the reverse of the note features a miner engaged in underground drilling, much like how Robert Mugabe and his fellow corrupt government officials have drilled and extracted all of the natural resources of Zimbabwe for their own personal gain (missing diamond revenue, anyone?).

Sometimes we imagine what it must have been like to be the comptroller of the currency in Zimbabwe. It seems as though they would have had to invent a new calculator just to be able to display all the zeroes required to keep up with their currencies, especially in terms of their 100 trillion dollar notes. How in the world did they keep up with that on spreadsheets? Did they have to widen the columns unto insanity just to accommodate the extensive amount of zeroes? These questions could probably be best answered by monetary experts of the hyperinflationary persuasion, in the sphere of which we will readily and somewhat glibly admit that we have not received any special training. But away with this fanciful speculation...the bottom line is that we here at BuyZimbabweDollars.com are pleased to present you with these 500 million dollar notes to help you expand your currency collection. Enjoy!