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After Zimbabwe's hyperinflationary meltdown, their currency became defunct, and their astronomically-denominated banknotes became somewhat of a novelty on the collectibles market. Here at BuyZimbabweDollars.com, we have sifted and sorted through eBay's stockpile of listings so that you can buy Zimbabwe 50 Trillion Dollar notes with relative ease and a sprinkling of aplomb. Become an instant trillionaire by snapping up some of the 50 trillion dollar banknotes listed above!

History & Description of the Zimbabwe 50 Trillion Dollar Note

The Zimbabwe 50 Trillion Dollar note was introduced in January of 2009, along with a handful of other newly-minted banknotes with ridiculously outlandish denominations. The whole point of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issuing these notes was to attempt to curb the supernova-level hyperinflation that was taking place in Zimbabwe at that time. Unfortunately, these economic elixirs proved to be tragically short-lived, as bank runs, cash shortages and other elements of financial mayhem still managed to rule the day. The 50 Trillion Dollar banknote had a useful lifespan that was shorter than the average Hollywood celebrity marriage, eventually becoming completely worthless in terms of purchasing viability.

Zimbabwe paper money
Zimbabwean money used for wallpaper.
Image credit: The Zimbabwean

The obverse of the 50 Trillion Dollar banknote features Zimbabwe's Chiremba Balancing Rocks, a natural stone formation that can be found in the Matopos National Park in Epworth, which is a tiny rural town outside of Harare (Zimbabwe's capital city). These balancing rocks were intended to be a symbol of strength and stability, but ironically they are featured on a note that serves as a visual metaphor for the completely chaotic and unstable Zimbabwean economy during the country's hyperinflationary collapse in the late 00's. The reverse of the note bears two images: On the left hand side, there is an image of the Kariba Dam (as seen from Zimbabwe) that sits between Zambia and Zimbabwe. This impressive structure measures 420 feet high, and it generates thousands of gigawatt-hours of electricity per year for both countries. The fact that water is flowing through the spillways in the image could serve as a fitting illustration of how economic value has drained from Zimbabwe at torrential speed. On the right hand side, there is a trumpeting elephant, a majestic animal that has sadly become the target of greedy poachers in the land of Zimbabwe. Once again, this greed has been at least partially driven by the lack of economic opportunity in Zimbabwe due to the idiotic, myopic and ridiculously corrupt practices of its government under Robert Mugabe.

Kariba Dam
The mighty Kariba Dam.

If there's any silver lining to be found in this horrific scenario, it would be that the failure of Zimbabwe's economy has given birth to a unique currency that is in high demand in the world of collectible paper money. Who could've ever imagined that becoming a trillionaire would be so easy? At BuyZimbabweDollars.com, we've made it possible with just a few clicks of the mouse. So don't be afraid nor ashamed to flex your morbidly obese stacks of Zimbabwe 50 Trillion Dollar banknotes today!