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Zimbabwe 50 Billion Dollar Note (Front)
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You know, some of the world's wealthiest individuals seem to hover around the 50 billion dollar mark with their gargantuan net worth. Well, now you can hover right along with them--in 50 billion Zimbabwe dollars! We don't recommend asking any of them to exchange currencies with you, for then you will find out the true nature of monetary inequity. But in the meantime, when you buy Zimbabwe 50 billion dollar notes by way of the filtered eBay listings presented here at BuyZimbabweDollars.com, you can also claim that you have a net worth of 50 billion...just don't get any more specific than that.

Image Credit: NehandaRadio.com

Perhaps you've always dreamed about having a cool 50 billion in the bank. Well, as long as you don't mind using defunct Zimbabwean currency, you can!!! Here at BuyZimbabweDollars.com, our crack team of currency-finding unicorns relentlessly comb the variegated and voluminous virtual hallways of eBay's collectible paper money listings to locate the Zimbabwean banknotes that fit what you're looking for. Yes, that's right, 50 billion (Zimbabwe dollars) can be yours at last!!!

History & Description of the Zimbabwe 50 Billion Dollar Note

The 50 billion dollar banknote was first issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in January of 2009. The obverse of the note features Zimbabwe's Chiremba Balancing Rocks, a famous example of the many curious natural structures that dot the landscape of this southern African country. The note bears the signature of Gideon Gono, the former governor of The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, and arguably one of the central figures responsible for the country's epic financial collapse. When the 50 billion dollar banknote was first issued, it could buy several loaves of bread, but within 3 weeks of its release, its purchasing power had atrophied to the point where it couldn't even buy half a loaf of bread.

The reverse of the note features two images: On the left, a section of the wonderfully designed and perennially mysterious Great Zimbabwe ruins, and on the right, the famous 28-story New Reserve Bank building in downtown Harare. You can see the real-life images upon which these depictions are based in the photos below:

Great Zimbabwe ruins
Image credit: Great Zimbabwe Ruins

New Reserve Bank building
The New Reserve Bank tower in downtown Harare.

The outlandish denominations of these notes gives you a picture of just how anemic the purchasing power of the Zimbabwean currency had become due to hyperinflation. While we here at BuyZimbabweDollars.com do not claim to be able to solve the economic problems of the many countries of this world, we can offer the monetary relics of said countries when their currencies become defunct. Hence this page of 50 billion dollar banknotes, and hence this wretched and woebegotten website altogether. Curse the lot of those ne'er-do-well government officials who spawn such hyperinflationary policies!!!