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Zimbabwe's national currency was practically rendered worthless due to a horrific hyperinflationary meltdown, and so much of it was printed that it became somewhat of a novelty item. Your purveyors of fine defunct currencies here at BuyZimbabweDollars.com now offer you the ability to buy Zimbabwe 20 Trillion Dollar notes, giving you the amazing opportunity to become a trillionaire with just a few clicks of the mouse (or taps of the screen)! Well, they did say that the Internet has changed everything. :)

History & Description of the Zimbabwe 20 Trillion Dollar Note

The Zimbabwe 20 Trillion Dollar banknote was first introduced in January of 2009, and was part of a cluster of several high-denomination banknotes that were released in the same month in a mostly vain attempt to ward off runaway inflation in the country. The bulk of the blame for Zimbabwe's harrowing economic and humanitarian crisis can be squarely placed on the shoulders of Robert Mugabe, the dictator-in-chief whose ill-advised economic machinations were largely responsible for cratering Zimbabwe's productivity. Not only was the country in an economic shambles, but the Zimbabwean people also faced a major cholera outbreak that claimed the lives of thousands of residents, even while the monetary destruction was taking place. All in all, the late '00s were a really bad time to be in Zimababwe.

ATM lines in Zimbabwe
Long lines at the ATM were commonplace during the Zimbabwe hyperinflation. Image credit: The New York Times

The obverse of the note depicts the iconic Chiremba Balancing Rocks, which are found in the Matopos National Park in Epworth, a small village located outside of Harare. These fascinating rock formations can be found all over Zimbabwe, but have been popularized by the Chiremba rocks in particular. The reverse of the note features two images: On the left hand side, a mine worker is drilling in an underground shaft; on the right hand side, there is a picture of Zimbabwe's GMB (Grain Marketing Board) grain storage silos, which according to the Financial Gazette have been in disrepair for quite some time now. A real life photo of these grain silos can be seen below:

GMB grain silos
The GMB grain silos. Image credit: NewsDay Zimbabwe

The crumbling state of these strategic grain reserve containers is an apt metaphor for the crumbling economic conditions that Zimbabwe has lived under since its horrific hyperinflationary episode. These particular banknotes are now null and void in terms of purchasing power, but they have garnered quite an audience in the world of collectibles--and that's why Buy Zimbabwe Dollars exists! Purchasing defunct currency with outlandish denominations has never been easier than it is right here on our site, so go ahead--unleash your inner trillionaire today!