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History & Description of the Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar Note

First introduced in 2009, the Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar note was worth roughly $30 U.S. dollars at the time of its release into the economic wild. It was part of a long line of monetary measures to help the floundering economy of Zimbabwe deal with the rapidly-spiraling-out-of-control hyperinflationary collapse that it was experiencing. Prices would often double from one day to the next, and precious commodities such as food and fuel were in short supply for people who did not have access to U.S. dollars.

The obverse of the Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar banknote features the iconic Chiremba balancing rocks, which are a stellar example of the many intriguing natural rock formations that are found throughout the country of Zimbabwe. These fascinating natural structures are a hallmark of the country's beautiful landscape, and were intended to be a symbol of environmental protection and economic development. The cool thing about the rocks on this banknote is that they're not just an illustration--you can see the actual rocks upon which the banknote image is based by visiting Matopos National Park in Epworth (a small village outside of Harare).

Zimbabwe balancing rocks
Image credit: Atlas Obscura

The reverse features a stunning depiction of Victoria Falls, which is considered by many to be the largest waterfall on the planet (but hey, who's measuring?), as well as a majestic image of a water buffalo, a formidable bovid that is native to Zimababwe.

The 100 trillion dollar banknote has long been abandoned by Zimbabweans in favor of other currencies that actually have purchasing power, such as the British Pound, U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar, Chinese Yuan, and many more. If nothing else, this outlandishly-denominated unit of now-defunct currency stands as a cautionary tale to citizens and governments alike about the dangers of reckless monetary policy, along with corrupt and irresponsible governmental machinations. There's a lot of talk these days about whether or not certain people will be on the "wrong side of history", and without a doubt, Robert Mugabe will be counted among those who were on the wrongest side of history known to man. Zimbabwe largely has him to thank for the hyperinflationary death spiral that the country suffered from in the late "20-oughts", which has ravaged their economy and basically robbed an entire generation (and possibly more) of any hope of economic opportunity.

But, these gargantuan problems won't be solved by a humble little website such as this one. All we can do is offer currency collectors and monetary enthusiasts these 100 trillion dollar banknotes as relics of an era gone by. Whether you choose to add them to your currency collection or give them as a novelty gift, BuyZimbabweDollars.com is the place to go to find what you need!