We have rounded up a selection of curated video resources pertaining to the Zimbabwe hyperinflation, and we now present them to you in this cavalcade of visual vividity.

Zimbabwe and Hyperinflation: Who Wants to Be a Trillionaire?

This explainer-style video provides a good overview of how Zimbabwe descended into financial chaos through excessive money printing and other economic tomfoolery.

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe

This video talks about the redenomination of Zimbabwe's currency after the "era of ludicrousness", where everyone became billionaires, trillionaires and quadrillionaires.

Zimbabwe Super Hyper Inflation

This video paints a harrowing picture of the daily struggle for survival that many Zimbabweans faced as a result of the country's hyperinflationary collapse. In all seriousness, it's enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Why Zimbabwe is Killing Its Currency

This is a news-style report detailing the transition that Zimbabwe made from using the Zimbabwean Dollar to using U.S. Dollars. It also talks about some of the outrageous prices that emerged due to the hyperinflation, such as paying 50 billion Zimbabwean dollars for a single egg.

Inside Story - What Will It Take to End Zimbabwe's Financial Crisis? (Al Jazeera English)

Reports of Zimbabwe's dire financial situation are unfortunately starting to sound like a broken record now. There's been so many different crises since Mugabe took power (and especially since the land reforms) that it seems like the country has been in a perpetual state of financial disarray. This video delves into the topic in a "special report" news-style format.

Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe

This video takes an interesting and somewhat disturbing peek into Zimbabwe under Mugabe's oppressive rule. It is as heartbreaking as it is intriguing.

Looking for Mercy (Zimbabwe Documentary)

This video follows a young woman who is looking for her childhood friend, whom she knew in the early days of Zimbabwean independence. In fact, this woman (along with her friend named "Mercy") actually placed flowers around the neck of Robert Mugabe in a ceremony decades ago. You'll find a lot of heartwarming and heart-wrenching elements to this documentary-style video, as it paints a very gripping picture of the Mugabe era.