This page is dedicated to providing information and resources regarding Zimbabwe's hyperinflation, as well as general information and news about the Zimbabwean economy. Avail yourself to the pearls and nuggets of economic awesomeness that have been henceforth lain at your disposal.

Zimbabwe Hyperinflation: Info & Resources

Zimbabwe Hyperinflation (Harvard International Review)

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe (Wikipedia)

Zimbabwe Hyperinflation - Dallas Federal Reserve (PDF)

Inflation and Hyperinflation - iTulip (PDF)

Causes of Hyperinflation (PDF)

Zimbabwe's Fiat Government - (PDF)

Zimbabwe Money Demand, Seigniorage and Aid Shocks (PDF)

Zimbabwe Crisis (

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies)

Economic Information About Zimbabwe

Economic stats courtesy of The Heritage Foundation

Index of Economic Freedom: Zimbabwe's Score

Graph courtesy of The Heritage Foundation as well

The Zimbabwean Dollar: Is It Still In Use?

Instead of blathering on trying to explain it in our own words, we figured it would be better for you to check out this screen shot from XE about the indefinite suspension of the Zimbabwean Dollar:

Zimbabwe Dollar suspended

Important Zimbabwe Financial Links

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Bankers Association of Zimbabwe (BAZ)

Zimbabwe Investment Authority

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce

Zimbabwe At a Glance (World Bank)

Zimbabwe News Sites

New Zimbabwe

The Herald (State-Run News Source)

Zimbabwe Situation

Zimbabwe Telegraph Zimbabwe

The Chronicle

Change Zimbabwe