When It Comes to Employment Numbers, Zimbabwe is Dead Last in the World


In the course of doing research for this site, I was literally shocked to discover that Zimbabwe, as of 2009 estimates, has a 95% unemployment rate. That's right--I said 95 PERCENT. That means that only 5% of its population of over 14 million people earns wages of any kind. Zimbabwe ranks dead last in the world for employment, which by all accounts is a complete economic disaster.

A market in Harare
A market in Harare.
Image credit: Shack Dwellers International

It's really difficult to know how accurate (or inaccurate) these numbers might be, too, because as the CIA World Factbook reported, true unemployment under the current economic conditions in Zimbabwe is actually unknowable. According to 2012 estimates, 72.3% of Zimbabwe's population were living below the poverty line--another abhorrent statistic. The litany of failed policies from the Mugabe regime have produced a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions. It's sad beyond belief. I know I like to keep things lighthearted on this website, but when you consider how ridiculously detrimental the Mugabe government has been for the country of Zimbabwe, it's enough to make you shed tears.

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